spatial images

My artistic research interest lies within the field of sculpture. Sculpture is work with and in space. The core focus of my art is the transformation of space in the broad sense by means of installation, intervention und action.

I use many different materials and techniques. I work interdisciplinary and in situ. An installation originates on site and refers to its settings. The site-specific projects are set out as “temporary pieces”. By means of deliberate interference, however, the pieces sometimes condense to poetic spatial images which permanently influence the perception of a location. Differences in temperature and smell, interference in architecture (such as drillings or damage), model fixtures or traces of fictive events (like the destruction of a gallery room) arouse associations with personal stories and memories. In this way, the exhibition's location becomes a construction site, a landscape or a vestry.

The sculptures and installations take aspects of the process and temporary motion into account. Sculpture gains a temporal dimension. This, among other things, is reflected in the application of performing elements in connection with new media and 'immaterial' techniques such as video, light, sound, reflections, foam and steam.

The sculptural interventions allow the viewer to walk through finding his own position and point of view. One enters quite naturally into the work and understands it as an event which speaks to several of our senses.

Kuratorische Tätigkeiten, wie etwa die Organisation von Screenings, Ausstellungsprojekten und Performanceveranstaltungen sind Teil meines Engagements, das immer wieder den Rahmen von Kunst durch Verschiebungen befragt, aufweicht oder neu schafft.

(version 2013)