May 2015 / s h i n i n g  v o i d___Installation in Hamburg

The newly completed area around the Wandsbek market place has just been opened up again to the public; but now this: Not another construction site? The newly laid pavement has been opened up once more. Just outside the underground exit waist-high barriers have been set up, marking a new excavation pit. The hole seems to radiate light; being curious, people step closer to have a look. The excavation hole in the middle of the pavement as well as all its service pipes and sewage pipes have been lined with a layer of high gloss finished silver chrome right up to the upper edge of the pavement. Instead of looking down on damp, brown earth one looks down into a three-metre deep shining hole and surfaces that reflect their surroundings.

September 2014 /Müh l WERK___Living scuptures and Installations

Motivated by the Chawwerusch Theatre Company, the residents of the southern Palatinate village of Herxheim dealt with topic of the closed down mill “Neumühle” in their village. What could they remember about it? What questions arise today concerning life as a miller and our daily bread?  Working for six months with laymen and with students from the University of Koblenz/Landau, Christine Biehler developed a sculptural contribution to the play "Müllers Lust".
Premiere on 25.9.2014.

3rd July 2014 / Künstlerbund-Salon/Art Society Salon

Christine Biehler and Monika Linhart successfully organised the German Art Society Salon (“Künstlerbund Salon”) with the title "Gegenläufig" (working in the opposite direction) at the Milchsackgelände in Frankfurt/Main with six speakers and many fellow artists.

June 2014 / Jurymember at girls go movie

Filmfestival for girls in Mannheim/Germany

2014 / Texts about foam sculptures published

Marcel Finke researched and wrote about Christine Biehler’s installations as part of his research project on fluid substances in art. Publication of the article autumn 2014.

Spring 2014 / Catalogue Cuxhaven printed

Christine Biehler curated and was responsible for the Cuxhaven Art Society’s aesthetically appealing and informatively documented yearly brochure of activities. The catalogues can be obtained from the Art Society.

April 2014 / Tafeln (Dinner’s ready!)

The artistic handling of foodstuff - Christine Biehler held a workshop for the staff of a home for the elderly in Bonn. The trend-setting project, initiated by art historian, Annette Ziegert, focuses on residential homes for the elderly: For a short period they change from being a ghetto to a hot spot for contemporary art.

WS13/14 / Raumambulanz at University Gießen

WS 13/14 / "Hals über Kopf über Tische und Wände zeichnen" at University Siegen

Zeichnen, mit dem Körper, mit Nahrungsmitteln, mit Licht und aus der Erinnerung  - um die Erweiterung des Mediums ging es bei diesem Kurs. (Bild: Körperzeichnung Anna Friesen)

June 2013 / de/con/struction circus

Am 24.6. wird die Ausstellung des einjährigen Lehrprojektes an der Universität Oldenburg mit Katalogpräsentation in der Innenstadt Oldenburgs eröffnet.

23th May 2013 / Opening of the exhibition '20 Jahre Klasse Dörte Eißfeldt' in Braunschweig

Christine Biehler presents a video work titled "rainbow".